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Trying again

Ok, so despite my best efforts for Blaugust 2023, I have not really kept up with any kind of writing.

Its not because I don't have things to say. I usually do. Its because I haven't (yet?) made it a habit. Which means it happens when I think about it, which isn't very often.

As usual, I had plans. I was going to write a lot. I was going to do a series of reflections on my trip to Disney from this past summer. I was going to talk about the games I play, the movies I watch, working out, Gunpla, and anything else I get up to.

Also, as usual, that didn't happen because I didn't develop any kind of routine. And without a routine, things like that don't happen.

And then it was September, and then October, and then November, and now December, and I still haven't done much.

I'd like to say I'll do it differently. I'd like to say that tomorrow will be different, and that I'll finally start writing regularly like I've always wanted to. But, if I did that, I'd be lying to both of us. And not because I don't want to do it. But because, after all this time, I've gotten to know myself.

So, what I'll say instead is that I'm going to try. I know, Yoda says that there is no try. But he's full of shit.Sometimes, trying is all we have.

Here's what I'm going to try:

  • Writing once a week on something that's interesting to me
  • Not worrying about if its good enough, or makes sense, or if anyone wants to read it.
  • Not worrying about if its long enough
  • Being kind to myself when I fail (because, I know I will sometimes)
  • Being resilient enough to keep trying

So, for know, I'll just keep trying.

See you out there.