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Blaugust Retrospective

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As Blaugust 2023 comes to and end, now is a good time to look back on what I did (and didn't) accomplish, and why.

So, first and foremost, I didn't even come close to a post a day. I don't think I've even hit a post a week. I'm not really surprised. Blogging hasn't been "my thing". I often find myself lacking full, articulated thoughts to publish. I have lots of ideas, lots of 1/2 written posts kicking around. But very few things "ready to publish".

I did get my site, and toolchain, setup. I did write a few things. Nothing I think is spectacular. But also not nothing. I've been "getting back on the bike", as it were. Finding my voice, working with the tools, learning how to structure ideas into something somewhat readable.

I did introduce myself.

I did write about a habit/ritual, and what it means to me.

I did reflect on a moment, as it happened.

I did try to put myself out there, if only a little.

And, I did lay the foundation to keep trying.

As our friend Bel has pointed out, its more important now than ever before to own your own presence online. Have a place that's yours. How you do that, and what that means to you might differ wildly from how I do it, and what that means to be, and that's OK.

I had a lot of things happen in August that made my endeavor of starting this even more of a challenge than it would have been otherwise. Maybe I'll share some of them in an upcoming post.

But, until then, thanks for trying this with me. Good luck, and, as always,

See you out there.